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Your business needs a boost in sales? We have the answer! Our YouTube specialists know how to get your products or services seen by more people. Contact us for all of your video marketing and advertising needs today.

Successful Campaigns

You don’t have to be a professional videographer to start your own YouTube campaign, but you do need someone with knowledge of the ins and outs. We can help by designing an awesome video campaign  that will bring in those interested people like moths to a flame.

Targeted Keywords

Finding the right keywords for your business is tough. With our help, you can discover exactly what words to target so people searching online will find your ad and purchase with ease. Our keyword research focuses on competition level as well as location-based information in order to get results!

Selecting the right Landing Page

The landing page you send people to is one of the most important parts in a successful YouTube campaign. When someone clicks on your ad, it’s crucial that they’re sent somewhere with an interesting and engaging call-to-action so their conversion rate can be as high as possible for better ROI!


Engaging Ad Copy

When it comes to campaign success, the most important aspect is how your ads are written. We write compelling advertisements that entice users with simple and concise messaging so you can maximize on marketing ROI for any budget.

Optimizing YouTube Campaigns

We have a team of experts who are constantly working to make your campaign as effective and profitable as possible. We analyze the numbers, test new strategies, optimize for ROI – all in order to give you an advantage over competitors with smaller budgets.

A/B Testing

When it comes to your ad campaigns, we are always looking for ways to optimize their effectiveness. For instance, by A/B testing multiple ads and monitoring the results of each campaign in order to improve them as they go along.

User Trends

Allow us to see where the ad is performing poorly and what it might need in order to be successful. Our team pays close attention to these areas, ensuring that we are targeting our ads towards users who will ultimately get results for your campaign.


Monitoring Keywords

We keep track of which keywords are performing best, and adjust our bids accordingly. We do this to ensure that we’re getting the most out of every dollar spent on advertising campaigns for your business.

YouTube Reporting

We don’t want to keep you in the dark about what we’re doing on your behalf. Whether it’s announcing changes or providing insight, our goal is always to make sure that you know everything there is to know about how things are going with your campaigns and YouTube channel.

ROI Insights

We track your search spend and provide a detailed report detailing how much of that budget is being spent on each keyword. You will be able to see what you’re getting in return for the investment, so if there are some keywords which aren’t providing any ROI at all we can work with our clients to find more productive ones instead!

Conversion Data

When it comes to understanding what your customers want, conversion data is a powerful tool for businesses and marketers. Knowing which ads drive conversions will allow you to make more informed decisions based on that information–allowing you the edge in competition!

At The Tough Of Your Fingers

You will have access to all of your important paid search campaign information through a consolidated dashboard.

What is Paid Search Management?

Search engine advertising allows businesses to place ads within their search results. These ads direct in-market audiences to the business’ websites, which may drive increased revenue and conversion. There are various activities that must take place to have an efficient and effective campaign.Keyword selection, ad creation, testing, performance tracking, and ad optimization are all vital aspects of a successful campaign

What platform will you be running ads on?

We manage campaigns on Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Both platforms cover over 90% of the US search traffic.

Why should my business use PPC advertising?

With over 300 million visitors searching the internet each day, PPC is an excellent way to gain new customers. It can generate leads and revenue for your business quickly.

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Will you manage retargeting campaigns?

Absolutely. Retargeting campaigns are highly effective at bringing prospective customers back to your website. We can help you keep them coming back by retargeting your existing customers, ensuring you get the most from your advertising dollar.


How quickly will I see results?

Very Soon. PPC allows us to instantly display targeted ads on search engines which will increase traffic to your website. Over time, as we are able to track the performance of your campaign and make adjustments as necessary, you will find that you will increase website traffic that will convert into new customers, therefore, improving your ROI.

How does PPC work?

You advertise by setting up ads that you want to show up whenever a person is searching for your products or services on a search engine, such as Google. You can also advertise under keywords that you think best describe your offerings. From there, you choose the amount of money that you are willing to pay per click for every time a visitor clicks on your ad.

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